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Sunday, 11 September 2011

I've been absent....

I haven't blogged for ages. I started this with the notion that I'd use it as a sort of diary of my 29th year... Well, things did not go to plan and I stopped.

Winston Churchill was said to plagued by a black dog throughout his life. I wouldn't say I was actually plagued by one, it's more like a part time stalker, with visa issues. It can be deported for years and then suddenly slip through the tight security at passport control and be back with avengence. Even my lists couldn't help me this time and I stopped blogging, writing, reading... lots of things.

Happily... the irksome puppy has taken leave once more! (It might sound a bit cryptic but I know what I'm talking about even if no one else does). 

So, I should be blogging a bit more. Or, if I don't it won't be because I'm in a heap on the floor crying into my cornflakes (I didn't really do that... they were coco pops).