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Friday, 4 November 2011

Vintage fair at the White Horse, Leamington Spa

I will be taking my hoard of vintage treasures to the White Horse public house in Leamington tomorrow. I hope the weather doesn't put people off going as it's been pretty apocolyptic today!

30 day declutter

I am going to attempt to rid myself of 90 unwanted items in the next 30 days. Although it sounds a lot, tis just 3 things a day... I will be repeating this to myself as I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with tasks such as this. And with the amount of crap I own, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Now, this really couldn't have come at a better time as I'm moving into my boyfriends house! I say moving in.... I've actually been living here for the past few weeks without realising it. Now, boyfriend is concerned about the amount of stuff that may arrive anytime soon, well not after this superb challenge set by a Thrifty Mrs.

Here's my progress thus far:

  • M&S bag- charity shop 
  • Red and black bag- charity shop
  • 6 jumpers- 2 to mumra, 4 to charity
  • 2 tops- to be sold
  • bikini top- charity
  • an epipen (expired but still being carried around- no more!)
  • PJs- charity
  • 3 pairs of shoes- charity and recycling
  • coat- salvation army
  • 4 books- charity
  • 6 pieces of jewellery- 2 to mum, rest to be sold or charity (it's all plastic by the way)
  • mobile phone case- charity
  • bruschetta pack (has been in the cupboard for 2 years!)- eaten!!!
  • 4 of boyfriends shirts. He still has 83! Grrrr.... - recycled.
  • 3 hand creams (there's no point me using anything other than my trusty hemp cream)- given to friends.
  • 3 bits of old makeup- thrown away.
39/90  not too bad for the first week!

It's not all photographed, that would just be too organised. I've also tidyied my car (it was a tip) and emptied out my handbag and wallet! I can safely say that most of the clutter in my day to day life consits of chocolate wrappers and receipts, mountains of them. 

I have also discovered I have a large collection of hotel toiletries/ freebies. Boyfriend wants to mix them all together and make a super potion, but I think I might just use them. I'm going to see what this case looks like at the end of the month (you have to imagine another hand full in there that were uncovered after the photo shoot!).

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fighting a loosing battle

This monstrous pile is already four loads lighter. Whilst the closet arsonist in me would prefer to set it alight, I am in fact diligently working my way through it. I have four washing tabs left, so that's my limit for today.

Ironing is not my forte so I text a lovely lady who has helped me out before. I'm unsure as to whether her phone has been stolen or she was very drunk at eleven o'clock this morning, I was getting very strange replies including references from take that songs loosely including shirt references. I think I might be on my own...

Thirty for thirty

I've seen a fair few thirty before thirty posts around lately which I've really enjoyed reading. Having just turned thirty I can't do one myself so here is my thirty for thirty list! In no particular order I am absolutely definately,  probably going to try to do these things:

1. Finish that course that still isn't complete
2. Play more board games
3. Learn to crochet
4. Be more crafty (as in making stuff, not being devious)
5. Do more vintage fairs
6. Sort vintage stock out, labels etc and keep on top of it
7. Move house!
8. Exercise- good for the body and mind
9. Get my timesheets in on time at work before they kill me
10. Stop binging on cheese and crumpets and loose half a stone
11. Sort my clothes out, make alterations etc, maybe even plan some outfits!
12. Make more of an effort with mon appearence in generali.e stop just living in jeans and t-shirt, it's very boring.
13. Snowboarding! Going in March, lets hope I can do it by the time I come home!
14. Learn guitar, I can play a bit, I'd like to play alot
15. Get organised! Living between two places is driving me slightly mad, hence number 7.
16. Get some shoes that actually fit. I have to wear orthotics it makes shoe shopping a chore
17. See friends more often, even though I love it my job can be a little isolating
18. Go and visit Heather, haven't seen my friend in Brighton for years and she's just had a baby.
19. Raise my self esteem!!!!
20. Read those books I own before buying others. Apart from Duffs autobiography which is on order (he'd be terribly disappointed if I didn't read it).
21. Go on an amazing holiday
22. Blog, I enjoy it so should just do it!
23. Have a good new year! I don't like New Year per se, my perfect one would be a load of friends or just me and Andy holed up somewhere cozy playing games and eating lots of delicious food with a film. 
24. Cook more, be a healthier vegetarian, not a sickly one
25. Go to the hairdressers before a night out and be styled!
26. Save some money (gut reaction to number 25?!)
27. Stop hoarding crap (already been giving lots of clothes to charity in the last few months).
28. Set up a sykpe account for friends abroad
29. Take up yoga or something similar
30. Go to more festivals/ see more music

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I've been absent....

I haven't blogged for ages. I started this with the notion that I'd use it as a sort of diary of my 29th year... Well, things did not go to plan and I stopped.

Winston Churchill was said to plagued by a black dog throughout his life. I wouldn't say I was actually plagued by one, it's more like a part time stalker, with visa issues. It can be deported for years and then suddenly slip through the tight security at passport control and be back with avengence. Even my lists couldn't help me this time and I stopped blogging, writing, reading... lots of things.

Happily... the irksome puppy has taken leave once more! (It might sound a bit cryptic but I know what I'm talking about even if no one else does). 

So, I should be blogging a bit more. Or, if I don't it won't be because I'm in a heap on the floor crying into my cornflakes (I didn't really do that... they were coco pops).

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Perks of the Job

Guess where I'm going next week?

I'll give you a clue... it rhymes with morida. 

Yes! That's right! I'm going to Florida!

Tis a poor show that I have not blogged about this before now... but is also not massively surprising considering everything else I have not blogged about. I'll be going away for three weeks with the family I work for, for their once in a life time trip! 

Getting everything ready for this trip, plus the usual work load has proved... tiring. But it'll so be worth it!

I can still vividly remember my mum and dad taking my brother and I there when I was about 10. Having kept it a surprise for weeks and weeks, (under the ruse of going to Portugal) my mum let the cat out of the bag one evening, we got excited that no one could sleep properly that night, mum included!

I wonder if I'll love it as much now I am proper grown up?