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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Before the guests and cake crumbs

And it was great...

We had lots of help to get ready for the party. Floors were scrubbed, bunting was made, food was bought and my hat was born. Mums are great, so too are Rhannips (she strung up much of the bunting!)

Friday, 22 October 2010

Hat party

It's my belated birthday party tomorrow night. Foolishly, foolishly, I planned to have a mad hatters hat party, with prizes for the best one and a supply of hats for those who didn't partake. So of course, having left everything to the last minute, (being distracted with cleaning and obsessively finishing a present for my cousin) I haven't even made my hat. Or any bunting. Or any food. Or even brought any food. Or got any prizes. Or collected a supply of hideous creations for those who are hatless. I'm working til ten tonight so I don't quite know when I will do all these things.... Tomorrow will be a busy one.

Monday, 18 October 2010

After the workathon

This post may be a bit garbled as I am almost delirious with tiredness, but I feel compelled to blog since Andys laptop died a spectacular death last week so I haven't had any internet for days... (Mr Squire it was not my fault, promise).

Working shifts has some advantages, like getting your working week done in about three days, but it can be a killer when you're doing it!

Highlights since last post have been-

New book, been waiting for this is to come out for ages! Love it! Could happily spend all my spare time reading it.

New blanket! A lot more than I expected to pay, but it would have been a crime to leave it.

Finally finishing my cousins wedding present, three months after the wedding.

And, possibly the most exciting news for some time... ROB ZOMBIE tickets! Oh yes, I will be there. Thanks to Aaron and his perseverance!

Low lights-

Missing Carleens birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLEEN! Sorry I didn't message you, I working my crazy shifts and Andys computer died on the very same day! Hope you had a splendid day xxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Borrowed blanket

I raced home this morning as my friend Josephine was calling me from Australia for a catch up. It was great to speak to her after such a long time, as she has been on her travels again. Weirdly we were introduced when I was working with an ex-boyfriend of hers. A job I had lined up in Japan fell through so she helped me sort one out in South Korea. So despite both being from Birmingham, it wasn't until we were in Seoul we became friends!

Yesterday I popped into Vintage in Warwick and found a fantastic patchwork blankety-throw creation. After getting the vintage man to help me unfold and examine it, he told me I could have it for a mere £45! In hindsight I should have thrust my visa card into his hand, but I was trying to be good as this month is proving to be somewhat tight after being off sick. So I restrained myself, although did say I was very tempted... and the kind vintage man said I could take it home for a few days and see what I thought! When I got it home I thought it was very good indeed and I liked it a lot. Then I spied the small price tag on the corner, which said neither £45 nor even £55. It is in fact 85 English pounds. The vintage man made a mistake. Disappointing, but tomorrow I'm going to see the seller and see what she says! Maybe I'll have a new blanket, and maybe not...

Friday, 8 October 2010

There was an old lady...

...who swallowed a fly, and lots of other creatures including a horse.

A horse? Yes, a horse, she's dead of course! At which point I was told that was a horrible song.

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Autumn is officially here. Officially, it's been here for two days. I know this because these items have appeared in my possession. I love Chai, this is the best one for me.

As ever, during this time of year my hands have turned into wizened paws worthy of Cinderella. In order to keep my mitts resembling someone close to my generation, I have to use A LOT of the above. Definitely the best heavy duty hand cream around.

I went into Brum on Tuesday to see Punk Rock by Simon Stephens at the Rep, avec Miss Mayer. Before the  theatre I found these lovelies:

Actually, the ones I want are a greenish colour but they don't have a pic on the net. Come November, they'll be on my feet!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Glastonbury lament

We did not get tickets for Glastonbury. Four hours, three laptops, three different locations, at least four phones, and we did not get tickets for Glastonbury. That is truly rubbish.