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Thursday, 7 October 2010


Autumn is officially here. Officially, it's been here for two days. I know this because these items have appeared in my possession. I love Chai, this is the best one for me.

As ever, during this time of year my hands have turned into wizened paws worthy of Cinderella. In order to keep my mitts resembling someone close to my generation, I have to use A LOT of the above. Definitely the best heavy duty hand cream around.

I went into Brum on Tuesday to see Punk Rock by Simon Stephens at the Rep, avec Miss Mayer. Before the  theatre I found these lovelies:

Actually, the ones I want are a greenish colour but they don't have a pic on the net. Come November, they'll be on my feet!

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  1. I REALLY wanted to get docs for work (I travel and I hate having soggy feet) but husband has pointed out that chunky treads and small hands, of which I have three sets to look after, do not go!