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Friday, 4 November 2011

Vintage fair at the White Horse, Leamington Spa

I will be taking my hoard of vintage treasures to the White Horse public house in Leamington tomorrow. I hope the weather doesn't put people off going as it's been pretty apocolyptic today!

30 day declutter

I am going to attempt to rid myself of 90 unwanted items in the next 30 days. Although it sounds a lot, tis just 3 things a day... I will be repeating this to myself as I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with tasks such as this. And with the amount of crap I own, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Now, this really couldn't have come at a better time as I'm moving into my boyfriends house! I say moving in.... I've actually been living here for the past few weeks without realising it. Now, boyfriend is concerned about the amount of stuff that may arrive anytime soon, well not after this superb challenge set by a Thrifty Mrs.

Here's my progress thus far:

  • M&S bag- charity shop 
  • Red and black bag- charity shop
  • 6 jumpers- 2 to mumra, 4 to charity
  • 2 tops- to be sold
  • bikini top- charity
  • an epipen (expired but still being carried around- no more!)
  • PJs- charity
  • 3 pairs of shoes- charity and recycling
  • coat- salvation army
  • 4 books- charity
  • 6 pieces of jewellery- 2 to mum, rest to be sold or charity (it's all plastic by the way)
  • mobile phone case- charity
  • bruschetta pack (has been in the cupboard for 2 years!)- eaten!!!
  • 4 of boyfriends shirts. He still has 83! Grrrr.... - recycled.
  • 3 hand creams (there's no point me using anything other than my trusty hemp cream)- given to friends.
  • 3 bits of old makeup- thrown away.
39/90  not too bad for the first week!

It's not all photographed, that would just be too organised. I've also tidyied my car (it was a tip) and emptied out my handbag and wallet! I can safely say that most of the clutter in my day to day life consits of chocolate wrappers and receipts, mountains of them. 

I have also discovered I have a large collection of hotel toiletries/ freebies. Boyfriend wants to mix them all together and make a super potion, but I think I might just use them. I'm going to see what this case looks like at the end of the month (you have to imagine another hand full in there that were uncovered after the photo shoot!).

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fighting a loosing battle

This monstrous pile is already four loads lighter. Whilst the closet arsonist in me would prefer to set it alight, I am in fact diligently working my way through it. I have four washing tabs left, so that's my limit for today.

Ironing is not my forte so I text a lovely lady who has helped me out before. I'm unsure as to whether her phone has been stolen or she was very drunk at eleven o'clock this morning, I was getting very strange replies including references from take that songs loosely including shirt references. I think I might be on my own...

Thirty for thirty

I've seen a fair few thirty before thirty posts around lately which I've really enjoyed reading. Having just turned thirty I can't do one myself so here is my thirty for thirty list! In no particular order I am absolutely definately,  probably going to try to do these things:

1. Finish that course that still isn't complete
2. Play more board games
3. Learn to crochet
4. Be more crafty (as in making stuff, not being devious)
5. Do more vintage fairs
6. Sort vintage stock out, labels etc and keep on top of it
7. Move house!
8. Exercise- good for the body and mind
9. Get my timesheets in on time at work before they kill me
10. Stop binging on cheese and crumpets and loose half a stone
11. Sort my clothes out, make alterations etc, maybe even plan some outfits!
12. Make more of an effort with mon appearence in generali.e stop just living in jeans and t-shirt, it's very boring.
13. Snowboarding! Going in March, lets hope I can do it by the time I come home!
14. Learn guitar, I can play a bit, I'd like to play alot
15. Get organised! Living between two places is driving me slightly mad, hence number 7.
16. Get some shoes that actually fit. I have to wear orthotics it makes shoe shopping a chore
17. See friends more often, even though I love it my job can be a little isolating
18. Go and visit Heather, haven't seen my friend in Brighton for years and she's just had a baby.
19. Raise my self esteem!!!!
20. Read those books I own before buying others. Apart from Duffs autobiography which is on order (he'd be terribly disappointed if I didn't read it).
21. Go on an amazing holiday
22. Blog, I enjoy it so should just do it!
23. Have a good new year! I don't like New Year per se, my perfect one would be a load of friends or just me and Andy holed up somewhere cozy playing games and eating lots of delicious food with a film. 
24. Cook more, be a healthier vegetarian, not a sickly one
25. Go to the hairdressers before a night out and be styled!
26. Save some money (gut reaction to number 25?!)
27. Stop hoarding crap (already been giving lots of clothes to charity in the last few months).
28. Set up a sykpe account for friends abroad
29. Take up yoga or something similar
30. Go to more festivals/ see more music

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I've been absent....

I haven't blogged for ages. I started this with the notion that I'd use it as a sort of diary of my 29th year... Well, things did not go to plan and I stopped.

Winston Churchill was said to plagued by a black dog throughout his life. I wouldn't say I was actually plagued by one, it's more like a part time stalker, with visa issues. It can be deported for years and then suddenly slip through the tight security at passport control and be back with avengence. Even my lists couldn't help me this time and I stopped blogging, writing, reading... lots of things.

Happily... the irksome puppy has taken leave once more! (It might sound a bit cryptic but I know what I'm talking about even if no one else does). 

So, I should be blogging a bit more. Or, if I don't it won't be because I'm in a heap on the floor crying into my cornflakes (I didn't really do that... they were coco pops).

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Perks of the Job

Guess where I'm going next week?

I'll give you a clue... it rhymes with morida. 

Yes! That's right! I'm going to Florida!

Tis a poor show that I have not blogged about this before now... but is also not massively surprising considering everything else I have not blogged about. I'll be going away for three weeks with the family I work for, for their once in a life time trip! 

Getting everything ready for this trip, plus the usual work load has proved... tiring. But it'll so be worth it!

I can still vividly remember my mum and dad taking my brother and I there when I was about 10. Having kept it a surprise for weeks and weeks, (under the ruse of going to Portugal) my mum let the cat out of the bag one evening, we got excited that no one could sleep properly that night, mum included!

I wonder if I'll love it as much now I am proper grown up?


Sunday, 20 March 2011


If I could move I would like to go for a stroll, perhaps a meander through the park and up to Packwood to sit in the church yard with my book. If I could get off the sofa I might like to have a shower and take last nights make up off. As it is I am stuck here, trying not to vomit. Oh well, at least I didn't puke on my own shoes last night, unlike a certain Miss Phillips. Yes mum! I am home! Proud much? Boyfriend has gone snowboarding for a lads only holiday- I am bothered? No, because I went out last night for a pub crawl / dance in Eddies and drank far too much red bull and a bit too much vodka.

I anticipate that Rebecca will not be getting out of her pajamas in the foreseeable future.

Friday, 11 March 2011

A weekend away!

I've just got home from work and am about to jump in the shower, then throw some clothes together for my weekend away! My cousin is getting married to his very lovely fiancée at the end of the month and I'm very excited to be going on her hen weekend in Bath. Comedy club, spa and I'm sure... A bit of cake! Of course I'm not ready at all, but I have an hour before driving to Bristol to meet them. Happy weekend to you all!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cross Stitchery

I made this last week. I wanted something quick and easy to make, this fit the bill perfectly! Not sure where it shall live though...

Monday, 7 March 2011


I just found this t-shirt under a pile of junk in my room (I am nearly 30 and hope to be tidy one day). Further evidence towards the merits of zombies?
I couldn't possibly comment on the truth of the statement... Nevertheless 'tis a grand garment.

Rebecca Loves Zombies

In my last post I proclaimed my love for books. I also love a few other things... including zombies.

Boyfriend particularly enjoys a good zombie film, it's always good to have a shared interest or two with your other half isn't it? The Walking Dead anyone? Yes please, I think it was 'dead good,' and am looking forward to series 2.

I particularly love the music made by a Mr Robert Zombie. Touring the UK for the first time in 12 years, he rocked up in Brum in February. Well worth the astronomical price of the ticket and has carved that special place in my heart reserved for zombies just a little deeper.  

Saturday, 5 March 2011

World book night!

Lisa Marie at This Girl Is... posted about World Book Night today, which I had completely forgotten about! I love books, the look, the feel of them, the way you can be totally transfixed by a different world that was created in the mind of another.

Tonight being the night it is, I thought I'd share this picture (yes, it's blurry quel surprise?). This photo was quickly taken on my way back to Warwick one drizzly day last year, it's an old shop with a cool name outside of Leamington Spa. I wish it was still open!

Happy World Book Night!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Odd socks and shopping

Good morning world!

My sense of style has reached new lows over the past few years. My 'work' wardrobe (consisting of garments that care not if they get covered in paint/ sick/ snot) and my out of work wardrobe have collided, resulting in a tatty, uninspiring mishmash of urghhhhhness.

I must face facts and go shopping!

I will come back with a decent, sturdy pair of shoes and perhaps some trainers. It matters not that my socks are odd and holey, I will succeed!

I will return victorious, with flattering jeans and trousers not made of denim. I will make sure that I put some effort into selecting clothes I like, not just buying them cos they'll do. Wish me luck, this is no mean feet.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Trinkets and stories

Before meeting yours truely my boyfriend, Mr Squire, had never been to a car boot. He had never set foot in a charity shop. Obviously, he had never lived.

These days, apart from the occasional moan if I linger too long in Oxfam, and the protests that his house resembles a jumble sale, he is happy to join in in my quest for jewels.

Look what he found for me at the weekend! I keep imagining this on the dressing table of some tragically beautiful, tortured heroine back in the 1930s, wistfully looking into her mirror wondering if that particular shade of red lipstick made her look like a hooker.

Not great picture quality, as ever it was taken on my phone. Can you make out the lady in the photo? That's my Great Grandmother, Kate Frain, more than likely taken in America where she went to find work in Boston during potato famine. I've been told that my Great-Grandad, Mike Jack, wrote to her there for years, she never once replied but upon coming home to Ireland she married him and they were very happy together. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Skip Bin

A while ago I wrote that I was blissfully happy after hauling something I needed out of a skip. It might not be the most exciting of items, but the article in question was a bin. Yes, before this momentous occasion I had no option but to widely throw rubbish around my room, how I needed a bin. Happily I rescued a lonely, unwanted bin that had been turfed out of it's previous residence as the bank it once called home was closed down and cruelly had it's insides ripped out.

I have to say I live in quite a well to do area, I'm hedging my bets that there are not that many locals who are willing to climb into a dirty skip to retrieve something. Luckily they have me in their midst. This was the first time I have found skip treasure. I'll admit to feeling a little self conscious as the skip was in the middle of the village by a busy main road. I did get a funny look when I asked the removal men if I could take it (always good to ask first!) Walking around tesco with a dirty bin that very much looked as though it had been pulled out a skip, is also best avoided.

Here is said bin, after having a good wash and being bashed back into shape
I think you'll agree that skip-bin was rather boring, I decided to go crazy with the decoupage and it ended up like this:

I was little scared by the finished product, fearing it to be somewhat "gaudy." But, in my bedroom, with the other colourful components I think it looks ok.

P.S. the paper bags in the bin will be recycled, they are purely props to demonstrate skip-bins fine capabilities.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rhannips Housewarming!

After the vintage fair on Saturday, we went to Rhiannon's for her house warming soiree.  Her house is a cavern crammed full of delights. To appreciate the full wonder, I think it is important to share some insight into the unique world of the mighty Rhannip. 

 She doth collect snow globes, this is just a mere selection.

 The house is decorated with sharks, pinups and...

This, a picture of a cat in a weird wig.

So, if you want to know how many teeth a great white has, have a burning desire to watch back to back films of big animals attacking people and other such murderous themes, or you just HAVE TO shake a snow globe, Rhiannon's your girl. 

Happy New Home my sweet, I love it!


I have been very busy and very tired. Not been blogging much, partly because I have to use borrowed laptops and partly because I just haven't got around to it. Lots of 'imaginary blogging' not much actual blogging. I'm doing lots of extra hours at work, several changes now mean I am the only carer at the moment. I try and do all the extra hours I can when they're available as I can't guarantee they'll be there later, but it feels as though I have been doing an awful lot. Aside from working here are some things I've done-

Watching Black Swan with my mum. Quite surprised to find that this is not exactly the type of film I would usually watch with ones mother. Also quite surprised it's only a 15, and relieved we did not come to watch it for my mums birthday in a couple of weeks, we both thought it was abit rubbish. However, I very much enjoyed the ballet that was in it, and would like to see a real production.

Vintage fair! It was a success! I'll be doing the next one on the 5th March. Thanks to Jess and Andy for keeping me company and drinking vodka whilst we worked! Don't have many pictures, I am very bad at taking photos, or indeed having my photo taken. These are a couple I took on my phone. 

Having my hair cut. Bit the bullet and had about 5 inches chopped off the length and a fringe cut in. It's much healthier and will hopefully be easier to manage. It will also mean I'll fighting with it every morning to get the fringe to behave.

I was meant to get a laptop today, but I just don't know what to get, so I didn't get one at all. I will rectify this soon.

Andy has just made tea- grilled halloumi with cous cous, yum yum yum. I'm going to eat it all now.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Vintage Fair @ The White Horse, Leamington Spa, Saturday 5th Feburary

I am very excited/nervous to be doing my very first vintage fair this Saturday! I'm gathering together my goods inbetween working shifts, hopefull that everything will be ok in the end. I predict it will be a great success! Or a total disaster.... no middle ground here. These are a couple of pictures I took before rushing off to work.I'm torn between wanting everything to sell and wanting to keep it all...

Also, have decided it's about time I bought a laptop of my own! This is very exciting, I've never had my own laptop or computer before! So, weekend will be vintage fair, house warming at Rhiannons followed by pub, then laptop hunting. There have been several sightings in Currys and PC World, so we should be able to snare one.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Weather Owl

Now, I've mentioned on my blog that I love charity shopping, but have yet to share any of my finds. I found this little fellow on Saturday, for 20p. He is a weather owl.

I was very pleased with my new friend and took him home. He was a bit grimy, and quite a lot dusty so I gave him a wash. This is where I made the fatal error. I put the weather owl in the washing up bowl, thinking him to be a resilient creature, whilst I washed some other purchases. It wasn't until I fished him out and saw all the sticky glue over his feathered body, that I realised this was not the thing to do. A lot of the colour on the weather owls body has come off (his belly is quite white, and his left eye a bit crusty). Poor weather owl, I  fear he shall never fly again.

More charity shop loot to be shared at the weekend!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

La promisa del Nuovo Anno e` imparare a parlare Italiano

In my last post I listed 'to make more of an effort with learning Italian' as one of my aims for 2011. Well, low and behold it was my teachers wish for me too. So, la promisa del Nuovo Anno e` imparare a parlare Italiano- I promise to learn to speak Italian in the New Year.

Last night was my first lesson since before Christmas. I had missed quite a few lessons in December, I hadn't realised quite how many until last night when I found the Christmas decorations I had been searching for in my bag. Proof that I had not picked up my books at all since November (possible October!). 

I've been trying to learn Italian for about 18mths, although at times it has been very half hearted. But, no more! I will try and do just five minutes a day, and buy a lovely new notebook to practice in. There is also a groupon deal on at the moment for cheap language tutition online, I'm thinking a bit of intensive practice for a month or so might increase my confidence and therefore enjoyment? We shall see...

When I'm living the dream chomping on pizza and quaffing olive oil in my restored Italian farm house it will all be worth it.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The New Year

After a thoroughly depressing new years eve, topped off by a DJ who clearly hadn't set his watch by the BBC and insisted we not celebrate the new year until 12.04 am, I can conclude that I will not be going out on December 31st ever again.

According to Mark from Peep Show, it's been scientifically proven that no one can really enjoy new years eve, the pressure is just far too immense. I would have to agree, it's rubbish. Next year my original plan of dvds, food and board games will take place!

Once the lingering depression faded, I set aside time to think about what I want out of 2011, planning and dreaming (one of my favourite past  times). There are many things I want to do... they change all the time. I'm going to focus on the achievable aims for this year (they aren't resolutions, just aims, my resolution for this year is a good one!).

Rebecca's Aims for 2011
  • To fit into all my clothes
  • To make/ hold onto some of my money
  • To make more of an effort with learning Italian
  • To finish my studies (two subjects, can't face writing the titles... lots of work, this is the first step)
  • To be super organised!

Basically, I want to infinitely better than I am now. I want to be practically perfect in every way. I want to be her-

Mary Poppins my idol.

Happy New Year everyone! 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Please God, don't let the spider get me

Dear God,
I'm sorry to bother you but I'm awfully concerned that a spider is going to crawl into my mouth whilst I'm asleep. I'm at work and so cannot appear bothered by such matters, but I just found a spider in the bedroom. My boyfriend tells me I sleep with my mouth open, like a frog catching flies so I think there's a high chance I might end up with a spider in my gob. I tried to pick it up, but it was nimble and light of foot and dashed up my arm. I was worried that he'd get lost in my tangly hair as he seemed to be heading that way so I dropped him. I couldn't squish him or flush him down the toilet as he looked like a nice sort of spider, so I trapped him in a cupboard and put a blanket at the bottom of the door. The only trouble is there are gaps around the sides of door and I haven't got any more blankets. Do you think you could have a word with the spider and ask him not to climb in my mouth? Or put a spell on him so he doesn't move until the morning? I hope you can help me with this as it is quite vexing.
Thanking you in advance, hope you had a lovely Christmas,
Rebecca xxx