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Monday, 7 February 2011

Skip Bin

A while ago I wrote that I was blissfully happy after hauling something I needed out of a skip. It might not be the most exciting of items, but the article in question was a bin. Yes, before this momentous occasion I had no option but to widely throw rubbish around my room, how I needed a bin. Happily I rescued a lonely, unwanted bin that had been turfed out of it's previous residence as the bank it once called home was closed down and cruelly had it's insides ripped out.

I have to say I live in quite a well to do area, I'm hedging my bets that there are not that many locals who are willing to climb into a dirty skip to retrieve something. Luckily they have me in their midst. This was the first time I have found skip treasure. I'll admit to feeling a little self conscious as the skip was in the middle of the village by a busy main road. I did get a funny look when I asked the removal men if I could take it (always good to ask first!) Walking around tesco with a dirty bin that very much looked as though it had been pulled out a skip, is also best avoided.

Here is said bin, after having a good wash and being bashed back into shape
I think you'll agree that skip-bin was rather boring, I decided to go crazy with the decoupage and it ended up like this:

I was little scared by the finished product, fearing it to be somewhat "gaudy." But, in my bedroom, with the other colourful components I think it looks ok.

P.S. the paper bags in the bin will be recycled, they are purely props to demonstrate skip-bins fine capabilities.


  1. I like it, it is lovely! And also, SCORE!

  2. Thanks, it was realy quick to cover too. Hoping to find more skip gems!