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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Odd socks and shopping

Good morning world!

My sense of style has reached new lows over the past few years. My 'work' wardrobe (consisting of garments that care not if they get covered in paint/ sick/ snot) and my out of work wardrobe have collided, resulting in a tatty, uninspiring mishmash of urghhhhhness.

I must face facts and go shopping!

I will come back with a decent, sturdy pair of shoes and perhaps some trainers. It matters not that my socks are odd and holey, I will succeed!

I will return victorious, with flattering jeans and trousers not made of denim. I will make sure that I put some effort into selecting clothes I like, not just buying them cos they'll do. Wish me luck, this is no mean feet.


  1. Rebecca, i do exactly the same thing, except that my 'work' clothes all got worn, and now I wear my nice clothes to work, and they aren't nice anymore. I only have about 6 things I like and that can be seen outside now.

    Good luck with the shopping!

  2. I hope you managed to find nice suitable things! :)

  3. I wondered if you might know what I was talking about Lisa-Marie! :)

    Hi Hazel! I bought a heep of stuff and put my old things in a charity bin (they are still wearable I just HATE them!) I've found this is the only way I will stop wearing rubbish clothes!