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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Trinkets and stories

Before meeting yours truely my boyfriend, Mr Squire, had never been to a car boot. He had never set foot in a charity shop. Obviously, he had never lived.

These days, apart from the occasional moan if I linger too long in Oxfam, and the protests that his house resembles a jumble sale, he is happy to join in in my quest for jewels.

Look what he found for me at the weekend! I keep imagining this on the dressing table of some tragically beautiful, tortured heroine back in the 1930s, wistfully looking into her mirror wondering if that particular shade of red lipstick made her look like a hooker.

Not great picture quality, as ever it was taken on my phone. Can you make out the lady in the photo? That's my Great Grandmother, Kate Frain, more than likely taken in America where she went to find work in Boston during potato famine. I've been told that my Great-Grandad, Mike Jack, wrote to her there for years, she never once replied but upon coming home to Ireland she married him and they were very happy together. 


  1. That is a properly beautiful candlestick! I love the ambery colour and the shape.

    Your great grandmothers' story is wonderful, and she is very, very beautiful.

  2. I think it's my favourite find, and it wasn't even found by me!

    I love old family stories, my nan used to tell me them as we looked at her photos. I've got another photograph of Kate on the back of a motorbike, quite a contrast!