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Sunday, 6 February 2011


I have been very busy and very tired. Not been blogging much, partly because I have to use borrowed laptops and partly because I just haven't got around to it. Lots of 'imaginary blogging' not much actual blogging. I'm doing lots of extra hours at work, several changes now mean I am the only carer at the moment. I try and do all the extra hours I can when they're available as I can't guarantee they'll be there later, but it feels as though I have been doing an awful lot. Aside from working here are some things I've done-

Watching Black Swan with my mum. Quite surprised to find that this is not exactly the type of film I would usually watch with ones mother. Also quite surprised it's only a 15, and relieved we did not come to watch it for my mums birthday in a couple of weeks, we both thought it was abit rubbish. However, I very much enjoyed the ballet that was in it, and would like to see a real production.

Vintage fair! It was a success! I'll be doing the next one on the 5th March. Thanks to Jess and Andy for keeping me company and drinking vodka whilst we worked! Don't have many pictures, I am very bad at taking photos, or indeed having my photo taken. These are a couple I took on my phone. 

Having my hair cut. Bit the bullet and had about 5 inches chopped off the length and a fringe cut in. It's much healthier and will hopefully be easier to manage. It will also mean I'll fighting with it every morning to get the fringe to behave.

I was meant to get a laptop today, but I just don't know what to get, so I didn't get one at all. I will rectify this soon.

Andy has just made tea- grilled halloumi with cous cous, yum yum yum. I'm going to eat it all now.

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