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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Weather Owl

Now, I've mentioned on my blog that I love charity shopping, but have yet to share any of my finds. I found this little fellow on Saturday, for 20p. He is a weather owl.

I was very pleased with my new friend and took him home. He was a bit grimy, and quite a lot dusty so I gave him a wash. This is where I made the fatal error. I put the weather owl in the washing up bowl, thinking him to be a resilient creature, whilst I washed some other purchases. It wasn't until I fished him out and saw all the sticky glue over his feathered body, that I realised this was not the thing to do. A lot of the colour on the weather owls body has come off (his belly is quite white, and his left eye a bit crusty). Poor weather owl, I  fear he shall never fly again.

More charity shop loot to be shared at the weekend!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

La promisa del Nuovo Anno e` imparare a parlare Italiano

In my last post I listed 'to make more of an effort with learning Italian' as one of my aims for 2011. Well, low and behold it was my teachers wish for me too. So, la promisa del Nuovo Anno e` imparare a parlare Italiano- I promise to learn to speak Italian in the New Year.

Last night was my first lesson since before Christmas. I had missed quite a few lessons in December, I hadn't realised quite how many until last night when I found the Christmas decorations I had been searching for in my bag. Proof that I had not picked up my books at all since November (possible October!). 

I've been trying to learn Italian for about 18mths, although at times it has been very half hearted. But, no more! I will try and do just five minutes a day, and buy a lovely new notebook to practice in. There is also a groupon deal on at the moment for cheap language tutition online, I'm thinking a bit of intensive practice for a month or so might increase my confidence and therefore enjoyment? We shall see...

When I'm living the dream chomping on pizza and quaffing olive oil in my restored Italian farm house it will all be worth it.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The New Year

After a thoroughly depressing new years eve, topped off by a DJ who clearly hadn't set his watch by the BBC and insisted we not celebrate the new year until 12.04 am, I can conclude that I will not be going out on December 31st ever again.

According to Mark from Peep Show, it's been scientifically proven that no one can really enjoy new years eve, the pressure is just far too immense. I would have to agree, it's rubbish. Next year my original plan of dvds, food and board games will take place!

Once the lingering depression faded, I set aside time to think about what I want out of 2011, planning and dreaming (one of my favourite past  times). There are many things I want to do... they change all the time. I'm going to focus on the achievable aims for this year (they aren't resolutions, just aims, my resolution for this year is a good one!).

Rebecca's Aims for 2011
  • To fit into all my clothes
  • To make/ hold onto some of my money
  • To make more of an effort with learning Italian
  • To finish my studies (two subjects, can't face writing the titles... lots of work, this is the first step)
  • To be super organised!

Basically, I want to infinitely better than I am now. I want to be practically perfect in every way. I want to be her-

Mary Poppins my idol.

Happy New Year everyone! 

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Please God, don't let the spider get me

Dear God,
I'm sorry to bother you but I'm awfully concerned that a spider is going to crawl into my mouth whilst I'm asleep. I'm at work and so cannot appear bothered by such matters, but I just found a spider in the bedroom. My boyfriend tells me I sleep with my mouth open, like a frog catching flies so I think there's a high chance I might end up with a spider in my gob. I tried to pick it up, but it was nimble and light of foot and dashed up my arm. I was worried that he'd get lost in my tangly hair as he seemed to be heading that way so I dropped him. I couldn't squish him or flush him down the toilet as he looked like a nice sort of spider, so I trapped him in a cupboard and put a blanket at the bottom of the door. The only trouble is there are gaps around the sides of door and I haven't got any more blankets. Do you think you could have a word with the spider and ask him not to climb in my mouth? Or put a spell on him so he doesn't move until the morning? I hope you can help me with this as it is quite vexing.
Thanking you in advance, hope you had a lovely Christmas,
Rebecca xxx