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Friday, 4 November 2011

30 day declutter

I am going to attempt to rid myself of 90 unwanted items in the next 30 days. Although it sounds a lot, tis just 3 things a day... I will be repeating this to myself as I have a tendency to get overwhelmed with tasks such as this. And with the amount of crap I own, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Now, this really couldn't have come at a better time as I'm moving into my boyfriends house! I say moving in.... I've actually been living here for the past few weeks without realising it. Now, boyfriend is concerned about the amount of stuff that may arrive anytime soon, well not after this superb challenge set by a Thrifty Mrs.

Here's my progress thus far:

  • M&S bag- charity shop 
  • Red and black bag- charity shop
  • 6 jumpers- 2 to mumra, 4 to charity
  • 2 tops- to be sold
  • bikini top- charity
  • an epipen (expired but still being carried around- no more!)
  • PJs- charity
  • 3 pairs of shoes- charity and recycling
  • coat- salvation army
  • 4 books- charity
  • 6 pieces of jewellery- 2 to mum, rest to be sold or charity (it's all plastic by the way)
  • mobile phone case- charity
  • bruschetta pack (has been in the cupboard for 2 years!)- eaten!!!
  • 4 of boyfriends shirts. He still has 83! Grrrr.... - recycled.
  • 3 hand creams (there's no point me using anything other than my trusty hemp cream)- given to friends.
  • 3 bits of old makeup- thrown away.
39/90  not too bad for the first week!

It's not all photographed, that would just be too organised. I've also tidyied my car (it was a tip) and emptied out my handbag and wallet! I can safely say that most of the clutter in my day to day life consits of chocolate wrappers and receipts, mountains of them. 

I have also discovered I have a large collection of hotel toiletries/ freebies. Boyfriend wants to mix them all together and make a super potion, but I think I might just use them. I'm going to see what this case looks like at the end of the month (you have to imagine another hand full in there that were uncovered after the photo shoot!).

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