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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fighting a loosing battle

This monstrous pile is already four loads lighter. Whilst the closet arsonist in me would prefer to set it alight, I am in fact diligently working my way through it. I have four washing tabs left, so that's my limit for today.

Ironing is not my forte so I text a lovely lady who has helped me out before. I'm unsure as to whether her phone has been stolen or she was very drunk at eleven o'clock this morning, I was getting very strange replies including references from take that songs loosely including shirt references. I think I might be on my own...


  1. I feel your pain. Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning in laundry.

  2. Seriously. This is exactly what our washing pile looks like. Today I am aiming for three loads as that's what we have the space to dry. I think the last time I saw the bottom of our washing pile was about a year ago. It's like it multiplies in the night!