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Monday, 18 October 2010

After the workathon

This post may be a bit garbled as I am almost delirious with tiredness, but I feel compelled to blog since Andys laptop died a spectacular death last week so I haven't had any internet for days... (Mr Squire it was not my fault, promise).

Working shifts has some advantages, like getting your working week done in about three days, but it can be a killer when you're doing it!

Highlights since last post have been-

New book, been waiting for this is to come out for ages! Love it! Could happily spend all my spare time reading it.

New blanket! A lot more than I expected to pay, but it would have been a crime to leave it.

Finally finishing my cousins wedding present, three months after the wedding.

And, possibly the most exciting news for some time... ROB ZOMBIE tickets! Oh yes, I will be there. Thanks to Aaron and his perseverance!

Low lights-

Missing Carleens birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLEEN! Sorry I didn't message you, I working my crazy shifts and Andys computer died on the very same day! Hope you had a splendid day xxx

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