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Monday, 20 September 2010

Harvest time, a walk in the woods and a soup called Sproth.

Andy dug up his potatoes on Saturday!
And here they are!

He also made a delicious fresh tomato soup from his tomato factory in the garden, complete with a rue! Very tasty, he will have to make more when the next batch ripen.

As part of my "rehabilitation programme" we went for a walk to Haywood.

And we found tonnes of.....


Some of Andys' friends dropped by in the evening. Aaron and Andy knocked up some Sproth (spicy broth). Very good it was too, fresh carrots from the market, potato from the garden, mixed beans, red lentils, spices and one of those free uht milk portions you get from service stations and the like (this being an optional ingredient). Will be living off Sproth for the next few days...

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