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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

When I woke to sound of chainsaws and shouting

Next door are having some trees chopped into little pieces by some men who like to shout a lot.  It was so loud I was a little concerned someone had taken it upon themselves to sneak into our garden and reek havoc with a chainsaw. 

As I am still in recovery mode my day is filled with watching tv, sewing, reading, listening to music and napping. And planning! And writing lists of things I'm planning!

These are some things I'm looking forward to:
  • True Blood series 2 starting tomorrow night, I've read all the books (save the last one as it's not in paper back yet).
  • My belated birthday hat party.
  • Helen and Andys 20th wedding anniversary party- this will my first social occasion, cos I'll be better then.
  • The Dolls House exhibition- I really like dolls houses, and heavy metal.
  • Making soups!
  • Wearing lots of lovely cosy clothes, which I don't own yet.
  • Britains Next Top Model Live in London town, although we don't tickets yet.
  • Bonfire Night!!!!
  • Halloween.
  • Christmas, which means the German market in Birmingham, which means chocolate strawberries, candied almonds and mulled wine, super. 
  • Reading Carleens soon-to-be made Australian adventures blog! 

Ooohh... I just went to answer the door to take in a package for next door and found a box of Thorntons chocolates in a tesco bag! There's no note, so I know neither who they are for or who they are from! I'm assuming they are for the invalid (me), surely no one would deliver chocolates to the wrong door? But, they can't have been there long cos I've answered the door twice already, why didn't they ring the door or my phone or leave a note?! If they are for me the main contenders are either: the neighbours, but then wouldn't they see we had deliveries for them? Or, the family I work for, who are only around the corner and know of my love for chocolates. Anyway, both Andy and Mumra say I can't eat them until I know they are definately for me! Surely this is impossible! Can't I just eat them and dispose of the evidence if they aren't mine? Or buy some more?

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