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Monday, 22 November 2010

Blenheim Palace and a broken car

I had a good weekend. Went to Blenheim Palace with my mum and had a lovely day. There was a craft fair, a couple of dollhouses to gaze upon, and plenty of Christmas trees. It was a great day despite the fact we broke down on the way home and had to sit in the freezing cold on a dark, desolate road for an hour waiting to be rescued. It was still a wonderful day after I dropped my new gloves down the toilet, and it wasn't blighted by the fact it took us 3 hours to get home. A sure sign of a splendid outing!

I'm also feeling happy because I got tickets to the Isle of Wight festival with no bother, and to top it off... today I got a much needed item for free out of a skip.


  1. I watched a programme that had a woman on it who collected items from skips, it was pretty interesting the things that she collected.

    Although sounds like you had a very eventful day :)

  2. It was eventful! I like days like that even when they don't go quite to plan.

    I watched a show where a women obsessively drove around collecting peoples rubbish, to add it to the tonnes of rubbish she already had in her house! It was disturbing, but made me feel better about my collection of clutter! I bet if you were more discriminate about what you got, you'd end up with some great stuff. People throw away so much that's perfectly useable!

    I've never got anything out a skip before, but a friends sister once fished a pair of crutches out of one to use as a fashion accessory...

  3. Mmmmmmm usually i hold on to a lot of my things, and they only go in the bin or to the charity shop when im bored or done with them....Although my fiancé hordes things even though they are broken :)

    Although first I have heard a pair of crutches being used as a fashion accessory - defo unique

  4. Sounds lovely, other than the broken car bit.

    I often can't believe the stuff people put in skips, people renew things so often that things are practically new!

  5. Such a waste! I guess it's quicker and easier but I don't think I could do it.

    I'm hopefully going to have a clothes swap event with a couple of friends. Need to have a big clear out, I probably wear less than a third of the clothes I have! I usually car boot things I don't want anymore, but can't face the early morning at the moment!