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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hats off to you!

It's taken quite some time to post about the birthday soiree. After a lot of thought and some pilfering off Rhiannons' facebook page, here are some pictures! As you can gather milliners in Warwick did a rip roaring trade in the lead up to the party. Also present was a ushanka (Russian fur hat), a visor, a bright orange turban, a selection of top hats, a couple of witches hats and several woolen numbers....

Of course, everyone was desperate to win the prize for the best bonnet. That title went to my good friend Karen. She'd nobly stayed up to the early hours making her hat and had told me it involved cereal packets.  Understandably, I was expecting more Blue Peter, less film set. Can you guess which one it is? The smiley person holding a bottle of bubbly might be a slight giveaway...    

Wedding sweatshirts
How very rude!
And the winner is! 


  1. Your friends have properly made an effort! I like the chicken hat best, but I can see why the winner won!

    I like your new banner!

  2. Yes! The chicken hat was great, imagine opening your front door to that!