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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The mission

This is my first draft of the plan to stop recklessly chucking money down the drain and make the most of what I already have:
Food "nom nom nom"
I'm going to make like a Victorian on pancake day and use everything up! This is going well so far, I have a massive amount of soup in the fridge and last night instead of going to bed early like normal tired people do I decided to make date squares. Ours aren't square, and they're quite crumbly but they taste good!
Make-up and toiletries
Using it all up and only replacing necessities. I started doing this in the summer after realising I had about 100 different bottles of things that all do pretty much the same thing. I also buy the things I use often in bulk when they're on offer. I'm now down to one conditioner, but have a bottle of almond oil that works really well so all is well.
Really I should say I don't need any clothes at all. But I am hesitating... I've made a real effort to only buy stuff if I really love it when I try it on, not just get it cos it'll do. For the time being I'm going to say, I don't need any: coats, hats or bags. I do really need a belt, so that's allowed.
I love books, looking at them, choosing them, buying them and reading them. Lots of my books are second hand, and I've got so many there's a pile I haven't read yet! No more books until I've read the ones I've got! I'm already thinking maybe a particular book might wing it's way to me for Christmas, oh well, Santa and his giving ways cannot be stopped.
Planning journeys better, walking more (especially to work) and using free parking spaces. Saving money, the environment and forcing me to exercise.


  1. Husband and I got rid of our car because we were chucking money down the drain.

    Also, about books, I have loads (though only 4 I haven't read, which is two below my confort number), I'm happy to lend you some if you run out!

    I do a food plan at the beginning of the month. It sounds dreadfully boring, but we eat well and use everything. I do go out and buy stuff if i see a new recipe though!

  2. A food plan sounds like an excellent idea! We've been using up all our groceries and are running out of things now. Quite enjoying trying to make recipes out of some quite random ingredients, although last night so we ended up eating toast and jam followed by pasta and tomato chilli sauce, and then angel delight!

    Thanks for the offer to lend books! 4 you haven't read is good going by my standards! I've got a whole stack, due to my habit of buying a whole bag full at once, reading about half of them and then buying another load. I think I've got a box in the loft that can be dug out too... Looking forward to unearthing them all!