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Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Swap!

I got a parcel on Monday! This was very exciting because although we get a lot of parcels at our house they are very rarely for me, or even my mum. Having the 'benefit' of a porch that does not lock (somehow, quite shockingly, the key was lost) means that we get to look after a lot of packages for our neighbours. So, Peter, our postman was very pleased to present me with a parcel of my very own! Eeeek!

It's taken me an age to write about this because I've had a mammoth work schedule this week, working 45 hours and 3 nights. But without further ado....

Lisa-Marie organised a super Christmas swap which I really enjoyed taking part in! My swap partner was her sister Hazel, who I realised I have a few things in common with, these are:
  • Both of our gentlemen friends being called Andy, who'd have thought it?!
  • An appreciation of vampirey, dark fantasy type things. Very good. 
  • Favourite colours- purple, red and black, (I am also partial to green and several bright shades- I blame this upon many years being spent as a goth, it's some sort of side effect).
  • Doc Martens! Hazel wears them to tramp around in the snow in Scotland, I wear them because my boyfriend hates them.
See? So alike we're almost twins!

Anyway, Hazel sent me a bundle of goodies in a shiny gold box! I can't load up any photos at the moment, (something to do with never having a camera lead/ any type of technological knowhow). I took photos on my phone at each stage of unwrap! Inside my Christmas box was an 'ickle Christmas card, a Christmas teddy to join the Christmas crew, a beautiful hand sewn decoration in red and white and some rocky road, "nom nom nom."

I absolutely loved the hearted shape decoration and chocolately goodness, and it made me smile because some of our gifts were similiar in a way.... great minds think alike! The decorations are at my boyfriends house at the moment, but will have to come home with me for Christmas day.

Thankyou Hazel for my pressies! I love them! My night shift was so much more enjoyable with Rocky Road to munch on! And thanks to Lisa-Marie for organising it all! Hope you both have a very Happy Christmas! x


  1. I love your wee blog! you pay great attention to detail :) Although I think its really cool in the similarities we sister was definitely right in saying we would get on well :)

    I am really glad you liked your little parcel :) Yours certainly made me happy :D

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it. Something told me that you and my wee sis would get on!!!

  3. Thanks Hazel!
    Yes, this blogging thing is a lovely way to meet new friends!