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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Unfinished Business

There were a few things I wanted to finish before Christmas.

I wanted to finish the decorations I started to make an age ago.
I wanted to finish decorating so we could move the mattress out the lounge.
I wanted to finish my book so I could start my new on Christmas day.
I wanted everything to be super organised and tidy, so I would feel super organised and tidy.

I haven't finished any of these things. I'm working 24hr shifts this week, spending most of my 24hrs off recovering. I think part of the problem has been that I was sub consciously psyching myself up for a long holiday when I've actually just got Christmas day and Boxing day off. Part of me is feeling a bit sorry for myself (but trying not to!) because both my mum and boyfriend are off work for a few weeks.

Attempts to finish stringing up some glittery stars have been temporarily abandoned after stabbing my finger with a darning needle and then spilling my drink.

Anyway, less of the negative. I have achieved something! Boyfriend and I collected holly and ivy from here to make a garland. Andy's niece, who's four, was desperate to come with us to meet Holly Bush, thinking her to be a real person! Garland looks very good, hanging by the front door.

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