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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas with the Aliens

Last night I watched a Christmas play called "Christmas with the Aliens". It tells the story of three martians who are stranded on Earth after crash landing. The aliens meet a class of children who are about to preform their Christmas play and invite them along to explain the meaning of Christmas.

It was a real privilege to watch as the children preforming it attend a special school and many of them face huge challenges every day. The amount of effort the children took to communicate or move part of their bodies to take part was really inspiring. There was singing, dancing, jokes and laughter, and not a dry eye in the audience. It was really moving to watch and we all went home very proud and full of Christmas cheer.

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  1. Awww that sounds very good :)

    It reminds me of when I go to the little plays at my brothers special school, its amazing how they perform...makes you very proud of them all :)

    Oh thats me posted your box...its wrapped up very well in a blue plastic bag :)