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Sunday, 19 December 2010

A night time adventure and a ghostly aparition

Andy thinks the best thing thing about snow is how quiet everything becomes. Walking through the town yesterday there were very few cars and not that many people, it was all very peaceful. Considering Warwick is usually rammed full of cars and the busy market each Saturday, this was quite a novelty. We enjoyed it so very much we went out again, this time at night. This is what we saw;

We walked up towards West gate and then round the back of the castle. Cutting through the walled garden leading up to the church Andy made me a snow angel, with very little legs. 

Skipping through to the graveyard I took this picture and things became a little creepy. Aaaarrrggghhhh....

 We saw this and this...

We decided the most sensible thing would be to run away, and run away we did.

Out of breath and giggling we stopped by the Zetland Arms and decided to take a picture:
 This proved to be a very strange thing to the girl standing in the pub doorway, she called out to enquire;

"Why are you taking a photo of the church?"

Sighing, I answered,

"Why my dear girl, a voice from above told me to do so and believing it to be God or some other higher being I thought it wise to obey, lest I be struck down by a bolt of lightning or dammed to the fiery pits of hell. It has nothing to do with the fine architecture of the tower, having being rebuilt in 1700s and the ascetic of the view in the snow. Now go inside unless the cold should shrink your tiny brain any further."

And with that we went home to get warm again.

P.S. Should anyone like to make their own ghost pictures, get your minion to lie on the floor blowing hot breath upwards whilst you snap away at a suitably spooky location.

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